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CC81131:Synchronous Clock System

CC81131:Synchronous Clock System
Product Detailed
CC81131 is a high performance time and frequency reference receiver, able to telecom, mobile communication base station, ect.

Detailed Product Description

CC81131 is a high performance time and frequency reference receiver, able to telecom, mobile communication base station, PHS base stations, GSM network optimization system provides high-precision time and frequency synchronization signal.

CC81131 uses a low phase noise PLL technology and large-scale integrated circuit design, built-in high stability constant Wenjing Zhen OCXO and high quality, precision timing GPS receiver type, frequency of monitoring the use of advanced GPS technology, the crystal oscillator The output frequency of precision measurement and adjustment, to accurately synchronize the output frequency GPS systems to provide high-precision time and frequency reference signal can be output to meet the ITU-T G.811 requires a reference clock source, you can use in the digital switch , SONET and SDH transmission systems. At the same time, CC81131 can also at any level of timing signal generator (TSG) to provide a clock synchronization signal, can provide tracking and UTC time out of 2.048Mb / s (E1) and 2.048MHz output signal.

CC81131's Opt-EIO option provides retiming function, can receive E1 signals and use their precise time of their re-decoding the reference signal, the output waveform consistent with ITU-T G.703 HDB3 pattern as the E1 signal, when the device Degraded or their own power, it will start direct mode will receive the E1 signal output.

CC81131 1pps output signal is output frequency GPS signal after tame 10,000,000 obtained after frequency, phase, strictly consistent with the carrier signal, and the GPS second pulse from a short random changing impact of time base equal to UTC "The Return of now. " This feature is particularly suitable for time-frequency communication base stations and other critical systems.

CC81131 GPS tame in the process of the crystal can continue to "learn" characteristics of the crystal drift, and these parameters are stored in onboard EEPROM memory. When the GPS is not available or when abnormal, CC81131 can automatically switch to hold mode (Hold-over mode), maintained by the intelligent and efficient algorithms, relying on built-in high stability crystal oscillator to continue to provide high reliability of the time and frequency signal output, in a short time remained within the higher accuracy. When the device is powered off after a reboot, the device can use the already stored historical data, the clock in a short time to achieve high accuracy.

CC81131 front panel has the power, GPS, 1pps, locks and other lights, and LCD screen in real time through the LCD displays the current time and the GPS work status and other information. CC81131 supports both GPS and other serial output status information, easy to implement integrated systems management and monitoring.



Clock output: 10MHz, 2.048Mb/s(E1), 2.048MHz, 1pps, IRIG-B, RS232, RS422, RS485

We configure clock output according to the different demand. For example, as single GPS, single BEIDOU or GPS / GLONASS reference source.

Industrial grade components, large scale integrated circuit and the original algorithm ensures excellent reliability and availability.

The average frequency accuracy better than 1E-12 (continuous tracking GPS signals 24 hours later); meet the ITU-T G.811 protocol for a reference clock source.




Antenna Input: 1 channel, N type, 1575.42MHz

 2.048MHz signal output 1 channel, BNC, square wave, 75Ω

     Frequency Accuracy: <1E-12 (GPS lock, 24-hour average)

     Drifting: ITU-T recommendation G.811 meet the requirements of

     Jitter Generation: ≤ 20ns (peak - peak)

     Maintain accuracy: <5E-10 (GPS off, for 24 hours later)

 2.048Mb / s (E1) signal output 1 channel, BNC interfaces, 75Ω

     Line coding: HDB3

     Waveform: meet the ITU-T G.703

     Pulse Amplitude: Nominal 2.37V ± 0.237V base-to-peak

     Drive capability: to meet the ITU-T G.703

     Jitter performance: meet ITU G.823

 10MHz signal output 1 channel, BNC, square wave, TTL level

     Frequency stability: better than ± 5E-10 (0 ~ 50 °C)

 1PPS pulse output 1 channel, BNC Interface, TTL level impedance: 50Ω

     Rising: <20ns

     Timing accuracy: <100ns (satellite tracking error relative to UTC time)

 TOD information output: 1 channel, DB-9 female, RS232 level, ASCII code

     9600-N-8-1, GPS status, time information, per 1



  Indicator: Power, GPS, 1pps, Tracking

  LCD screen: year, month, day, hour and working conditions GPS


 GPS receiver

  12 parallel channel GPS receiver

  Receiver L1, C / A code signal-1575.42MHz


 Physical and environmental parameters

  Size: 1U chassis 447 × 44.5 × 300mm

  Weight: <5Kg

  Power supply: -40 ~-60V DC

  Operating temperature: -10 °C ~ 55 °C

  Storage temperature: -25 °C ~ 85 °C

  Humidity: 95% non-condensing

  Power consumption: <20W



  CC81131 host 1

  Timing antenna (including 30 m cable, mounting bracket) 1 set

  Chinese Manual 1

  Certification and warranty card 1

  Product Test Report 1



  Opt B: IRIG-B DC Code Output

  Opt BD: BD reference source

  Opt EIO: retiming input

      E1 signal input 1 channel, BNC interfaces

      E1 signal output 1 channel, BNC Interface (2048Kbit / s)

      Line coding: HDB3

      Waveform: meet the ITU-T G.703

      Pulse Amplitude: Nominal 2.37V ± 0.237V base-to-peak

      Drive capability: to meet the ITU-T G.703

      Load Impedance: 75Ω

  Jitter performance: meet ITU G.823

  Opt F: DCF77 Code

  Opt G: GLONASS reference source

  Opt N: SNTP protocol, MIB II

  Optional power supply: AC220V, DC48V, 24V, 12V

  Antenna cable extension

CC81131:Synchronous Clock System

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